Thursday, August 21, 2008

Advance Open Water Course

030808 the day when I was certified as the Advance Open Water Diver (AOWD). Still with the same dive centre, Bali Hai Divers, Panuba, Tioman Island. Love the area and the dive boat, Bali Haitec.

The Haitec Boat

The trip consists of quite a big group, there are 17 of us. 5 are taking the Open Water Course and another 4 are taking the Advance course. The rest are only enjoying the island holiday.

The instructor for AOWD is a also a Germany, a freelance and veteran instructor, Miriam Beck. Very strict, however quite a nice lady. The AOWD syllabus consists of 5 open sea dives with different types and disciplines of diving. Two compulsory dives, Deep Diving and Navigation Dive. The other three dives are a selection from varieties of specialty dives. We opt for Wreck Diving, Search and Recovery and Peak Performance Buoyancy.

Three of the dives were carried out at Panuba house reef, deep diving at Chebeh and wreck diving at Soyak Wreck. Apart from that I manage to do another 4 fun dives at Fan Canyon, Coral Island, Renggis and Soyak (but the coral part not the wreck).

With the advance certification, I am certified to carry out my diving at the 30 m depth. That is the main reason why I took the AOWD course. This is also to suit with my objectives of more fun dive in future and taking another step in diving.

The dives were very enjoyable, with more marine aquatic been explored and seen, especially when we did the wreck diving. Really love the scene, especially with a lot of fish around you surrounding the wreck. From the dives, I also saw a lot of improvement in my diving skills, in terms of swimming following the terrain, fin kicking, buoyancy control, level of confidence and etc.

Plan more dives after this. Maybe the nearest dives will be at my hometown, Miri, Sarawak during the Hari Raya holiday. Balik Kampung !!!

Myself with my owned gear