Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blogging to Unblock

Well love the title. Its Tun Dr. Mahathir collection of blog posting in his famous that now hits almost 12 millions.

Well not about Tun, however more about myself. For quite sometime I am missing from the blog sphere. Some of my friends asking where am I? Well still around except doesn't really got the time to update 'The Journey". My last posting was in Aug 2008 almost 5 months without any new journey is been updated. However within the 5 months, a lot of things happen, celebrating Aidilfitri, dive in Miri, Mabul, Siamil & Sipadan and trip to Kelantan. But slowly will update the journey later.

In the national and international arena, there's a lot of significant event happen. Some bring us smiles and some worries us. The most concerned situation is now happen in Gaza. Everyday we heard updates of Palestinian been killed by the Israelis. People around the world is protesting, however the Israel with the support of the United States of America doesn't bother to back-off. We never know when all this will stop.

So far, more than 4,000 Gazans have been mercilessly killed or badly mutilated or incinerated in less than two weeks of intensive indiscriminate aerial and artillery bombing targeting everyone and everything. Mosques, homes, public buildings, shelters, schools, colleges, dormitories, factories, cultural institutions, businesses, even hospitals and drug stores as well as the entire civilian infrastructure have been bombed and reduced to rubble.
The rabid bombing from high altitudes has exterminated numerous whole families and destroyed entire neighborhoods. This is probably what Israeli leaders had in mind when they spoke earlier about a “shock and awe” campaign against Gaza.

What can we do? We in Malaysia especially, could only pray and pray, protest and protest, boycott US & Israeli products. However if no concerted effort is taken by the whole world especially leaders in the high powered nations, the issues will never been resolved. What a sad world to live in.....

Till then >>>>>