Bye Bye 2010 .... Welcome 2011...

Maybe a bit late to wish as per my first blog title of the year. However as people always said, better late than never. Hahaha. No new entry since May, well as usual a cliche reason ...BUSY... When we will not be busy? Well as people always said too when we are dead. So not to take it as a reason, just drop a few lines to the blog especially after almost 2 weeks in 2011.

2010 had passed, quite an interesting year too, however less travel only been to Saigon, Vietnam, Chiang Mai, Thailand and Singapore. The rest, a local trip around Malaysia especially for my much beloved hobby DIVING.

In 2010, managed to log my 100 dives in Tenggol Island somewhere in September. A great achievement for a hobby that I've started in 2008. However in 2011, maybe a bit less as I would like to concentrate more to land vacation especially to other continent of the world. Maybe once a quarter, with a total around 20 - 30 dives this year. Some plan in the pipeline, as usual opening dives, maybe in Tioman, overseas dive in Acheh, and maybe another 3 or 4 dive trips to Miri, Tenggol, Redang and Sipadan. Hopefully can be materialised.

On the land trip, this year already committed to Singapore purposely for the Universal Studio with some friends (my second visit after end of the year with my family members), Phnom Penh and Melbourne. If everything ok maybe in October an excursion to Europe.

Well that's it for the first entry of 2011. New blog layout for the new year. To all my reader do keep visit this blog. Will try (again) to regularly update my beautiful JOURNEY in this world.

Location:Jalan Nusa Putra 1/2E,Puchong,Malaysia


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