GMSB Amazing Hunt 2011

Alhamdulillah ... the hunt had concluded successfully. Although there are things that I think can be further improve, but overall the feedback is quite encouraging.

Well the Amazing Hunt 2011 is the second treasure hunt that I organised under GMSB Sports &; Recreational Club. Compared to last year, this year event is more challenging in view of more cars and people involved and participating. 50 cars and 240 pax is more than double from what I organised last year. In addition, with all the logistics from the land transport to the sea transport and the island transport, frankly speaking it really make me exhausted.

Luckily I am assisted by 3 good and committed gentleman that always ready to help and support although they know its not easy working with me. Thank you Zul, Faiz & Irwan.

The weather is also on our side, all participants are well behaved. That's really make my day and at the end of the event brings me satisfaction.

Well that's on the organisation of the hunt. On my participation, overall not doing quite well. Didn't manage to be in the top ten. Frankly speaking not really in the mood to answer most of the questions for this hunt. Not because of the hunt trail is not interesting, but maybe more towards my worries on the hunt organisation.

Anyway still having fun and from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank everyone that support the program especially to our COO, Sports Club President, my dear committee members, Sports Club Office Bearer 2011 and lastly to all participating participants (GMSB Personnel, their spouse and children).

Thank you so much :)


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